Aug 13, 2012

DIY Straw WIFI Antenna Booster

Angus MacGyver
Angus MacGyver (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I'm a big fan of MacGyver. I love when I have something to write about that the great Angus MacGyver himself would be proud of. Today I have a video showing us how to make a long range antenna booster for less than a buck. All you need is a wood screw, some small gauge solid coper wire and a large drinking straw.

This mod would take the place of one of those $30 wireless extenders that you could by a Frys or Amazon. Besides saving money, you get to realize the best part of any mod. Knowing that you did it yourself MacGyver style! Check it out!

Know of any similar mods? Any videos of those mods? Post the links in the comments.

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