Aug 7, 2012

Hackers Pwned Reuters. Posted Fake Blog Posts.

Reuters Logo
Reuters Logo (Photo credit: s_falkow)
One of the worlds most well known and biggest news services, Reuters had their blogging platform hacked last Friday according to Yahoo News. From the report:
Hackers took over the blogging platform of the Reuters news agency and posted "fabricated" stories said to include an interview with a Syrian rebel leader, the company said Friday.... 
...Among the fake postings was a purported interview with the head of the Free Syrian Army, who was quoted as saying that rebel forces were pulling back after clashes in the city of Aleppo. 
Reuters said it did not carry out that interview, that the posting has been deleted and that the blogging platform was taken offline as it addresses the problem.

Reuters took their blogging platform offline temporarily while they tried to figure out what happend. Just goes to show you, once again, how important security is. Especially for companies that bring us the news.

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