Jun 18, 2012

A World Without Internet [Infographic]

I am not too old, but old enough to remember life before the Internet. Well, that isn't exactly true because the actual Internet has been around since the late 60's, but at least I remember a time before the World Wide Web. Times were good then, and things seemed to work fine, but when the potential of the Internet was actually realized, it made life so effing easier didn't it? Before then we were just too ignorant to know the difference.

I mean shopping online, banking on line, email, texting, VoIP, all sorts of stuff just became that much more awesome, convenient and cheaper with the World Wide Web didn't it. Can you imagine life without after having tasted the fruits of epicness that is the Internet? It's hard to fathom. I did find this this infographic that outlines some of the stuff that would be radically different if we never had it though (Thanks @dtmcculloch)

Source: prdaily.com via PR on Pinterest

What do you think? Is live better with or without the internet? Let us know in the comments!

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