Jun 11, 2012

Tech Chop Monday: How To Browse The Internet Anonymously

Today is a special day for it marks Tech Chop's first ever weekly show. With the new weekly format comes a new set, a weekly news brief, new music, and new end credits. Other than that, it's the same old geeky goodness one is used to with Tech Chop.

In this week's episode, I show you how easy it is to hide your online identity by using Tor with Bauer-Puntu Linux 12.04. When you browse the Internet, as most of you know, you can be be tracked by your public IP address. If you are doing something that is legally questionable, "The Man" will track your public IP address back to wherever you performed said legally questionable action, and then you can be in some deep s#!t! With laws like CISPA, and SOPA being pushed through Congress, the list of legally questionable stuff is becoming bigger and bigger.

What if you could mask your IP address, and make it look like you are browsing the Internet from a different country, like The Netherlands? Well you can, and this video shows you how easy it is using Bauer-Puntu and Tor:

So what do you think about the new format? Let us know in the comments below!

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