Jun 26, 2012

The Web has Gone Mobile [Infographic]

A lot of people these days have smart phones. I am ne of those people. I just can't imagine life without one after having had one for the last 7 years or so. When I first started using them, the main thing I used them for was checking work email on the road, and browsing the web. Now I use it for all sorts of stuff. Keeping in touch with family, listening to podcasts in the car, GPS turn-by-turn navigation, and even calorie counting since my last Epic Meal Time party.

It's interesting to know that the shift from standard computing to mobile computing isn't unique to me. In fact, according to the Infographic below, approximately 20% of all emails are read on an iPhone! That's crazy when you think about how many emails are sent every day. Take a look:



[Via Litmus]


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