Jun 13, 2012

Replace Your Blogger Comments with Facebook Comments

Here at Bauer-Power we've been through a few incarnations of comment systems. We originally started out using the default Blogger comments which suck. We then moved to Intense Debate for a while which was fine, then we switched to Disqus. Disqus has been pretty great, but I wanted to try something new. I want to get Bauer-Power more involved on Facebook. I mean there are hundreds of millions of people there that may want to know what I have to say right?

I decided to switch over from Discus to purely using Facebook comments for the blog. The process is not too difficult if you know how to modify code a little bit, it's just a little tedius, however I think in the end it is totally worth it. Every time someone posts a comment on your blog post now, it will show up on their timeline, and you might get a few more eyeballs looking at your posts right?

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I am not going to rewrite how to do it, because it's rather lengthy, however you can read how to do it on the tutorial I followed here: (How To Add Facebook Comments To Blogger)

One thing you should note that not all templates are the same. On both Bauer-Power and Tech Chop, I had to modify where I placed the code, and on each blog it was different from the example in the tutorial. You will have to play with it to get it working right.

So what do you think? Let us know in the new Facebook comments below!

[EDIT] - I decided to go back to Disqus. One huge thing lacking with Facebook contents is email notifications when someone comments. You can make it work using Google Docs, but I think that is a terrible process.

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