Jun 1, 2012

Is a $50 Stainless Steel Sword Durable Enough For The Zombie Apocalypse?

It is time to take a break from computers and electronics, and time to just get our geek on a bit. How many of you out there like zombie movies, or TV shows like The Walking Dead? The idea that the dead may come back to like and eat our flesh and brains is kind of scary, but also in our darkest minds, seems like it may be fun to try and see if one could survive.

I recently bought a new sword, which completely pissed my wife off as she felt it was a waste of money. She'll be glad that I have it when the zombie hordes come, and when tax season comes around next year because since I made this video for Tech Chop I can write this puppy off. Come to think of it, the IRS and zombies aren't much different are they? I digress...

Anyway, so I get this sword, but it's made out of 420 J2 stainless steel, and although it has a full tang, and claimed to be a battle ready sword, many sources online say that a stainless steel sword will break. I decided to test that theory out! So what I did was set up a series of cut tests using water jugs, and fruit. Then I tested the durability on a tire pell and a 2 x 4 pell. Check out the video from this month's Tech Chop!



So what do you think? Did you like the video? I have some good news for you, Tech Chop will be a weekly show starting June 11th! You catch new episodes every monday starting then!

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