Jun 22, 2012

World IPv6 Launch. This Time It's For Real... Is It Though?

So I was perusing the Internet like I usually do when I have some spare time, and came across a site talking about the officially offficial IPv6 launch day that was held back on June 8th. They were posting about how great IPv6 is because the Internet is running out of public IPv4 addresses.

My take on the whole IPv6 thing, and I may be wrong about this, is that the issue of running out of addresses is a problem with the public IP spectrum, not internal networks which is separated by NAT. One might say that with IPv6 we no longer need NAT, because every device can have it's very own public IP address, but I say that NAT works, so why do all my devices need their own public IP address?

I do think that having all ISP's switch over to IPv6 is important, but having everyone and their grandma switch is kind of stupid, and it's going to be a lot of work. Why can't ISP's NAT their networks with NAT64 or something, then hand off IPv4 addresses to customers? That way the transition is seamless to me, and I don't have to change anything.

If the IPv4 spectrum is roughly 4.5 billion addresses, why don't we allow ISP's to use every one of those addresses on their internal network that they hand off to us? Each ISP would have 4.5 billion addresses and those will all be NAT64'd to the public IPv6 infrastructure. If there is something wrong with that plan please sound off about it in the comments. I am fully aware that I may not be understanding this completely...

Anyway, the real reason for this post was to share an infographic... Enjoy!

[Via  World IPv6 Launch]

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