Jun 6, 2012

Turn Your Content Into an iPhone, Android or Windows Mobile App Easily

As some of you may know very well, I not only write about cool technology here on Bauer-Power. but I also have a video podcast I produce (Now weekly!) called Tech Chop. It's doing fairly well on Youtube, but I want to increase the amount of RSS subscribers and actual video downloaders for the show. Right now for actual video downloads, I get most of them right here on Bauer-Power thanks to the embeded video I have in the side bar. Didn't notice it before? Go ahead, give it a click and watch the latest episode. I'll wait...

Anyway, one of the ways you can watch my show, Tech Chop, besides on Youtube and the other video sites out there, it through the Tech Podcast Network app from Rawvoice. They have an app for Roku, Boxee, Google TV and more. I wanted to make my own app though and give it away for free. The problem is I'm not a developer, I'm a Systems Engineer. No problem, I found a free service online that will take your content and turn it into either an iPhone, Android or a Windows Mobile app for free! It's called AppMakr. Check out this video about Appmakr:

I created a Tech Chop app for Android available here on Google Play and an app for Windows Mobile available here (You will have to manually install it). I didn't create an iPhone app because I didn't want to pay $99 per year to be a developer. Microsoft had the same charge, but AppMakr allowed me to build the app anyway. Apple makes you have a developer certificate. I hate Apple!

What do you think about this? Know of a similar tool? Know of one that will let me create an iPhone app without a damned certificate so I can distribute it on my own or through Cydia or something? Let me know in the comments.

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