Jul 15, 2009

Twitter Spam in Real Life

Once again, if you didn’t catch the full Bauer-Power Episode 12 on Monday, here is another clip from it just by itself. In this clip, Sundance and I try to depict what Twitter Spam in Real Life would be like.

This one was sort of hard to shoot. We shot it on our lunch break at a nearby supermarket. We didn’t realize how noisy a supermarket was until we went there to shoot! Also I flubbed my line during the Sushi bit. We didn’t do another take because it was really noisy there, and there were lots of people hanging around staring at us (Creepy).

Anyway, here it is. Twitter Spam in Real Life!

Do you get spammed by keywords on Twitter? Do you feel like us in the video? How do you deal with it? Hit us up in the comments!

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