Jul 28, 2009

Need To Move Files With The Quickness?

I ran into a little application today that I thought was interesting. Lately I have been doing a lot of file transferring, copying etc. In fact, the other day I wrote about a file copier that does bit level copying and is a Windows port of rsync called DeltaCopy.

What if you need to just do a simple one time copy though? Just copy and paste right? Sure, if you have all day. What if you need those files copied faster? Then I have the tool for you. It is called FastCopy, and like most things I write about, it is 100% free!

Here are a list of features from their website:

  • FastCopy is the Fastest Copy/Delete Software on Windows.
  • It supports UNICODE and over MAX_PATH(260byte) pathname files.
  • It automatically selects different method according to whether Source and Destination Directories are in the same or different HDD.
  • Because Reading/Writing are processed with no OS cache at all, other applications aren't easy to become heavy.
  • It can bring out Reading/Writing performance that is close to device limit.
  • Include/Exclude Filter (UNIX Wildcard style) can be specified.
  • It runs lightly, because MFC is not used. (made by Win32 API and C Runtime only)
  • You can modify this software, because all source codes have been opened to the public in the BSD license

What I like about it is the fact that you can carry it around on a USB stick (Don’t you just love portable apps?) or you can install it. It doesn’t matter!

Here is a screen shot of it. In this I am copying files from the local drive of one server to a file share on another:


Unlike regular copy and paste, you can also change the way you copy as well. Such as file sync, differential, overwrite all, etc. If you have to make regular file copies, FastSync has command line options as well for scripting goodness!

Know of any other fast file copy utilities? What software do you use to move large amounts of data around your network? Let us know in the comments!

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