Jul 23, 2009

Found P0rn… At Tacobell?

I had lunch with my coworker today at Tacobell, and I decided to order their “Volcano Box” for $5.99. Before I go any further, I realize this has nothing to do with geekiness, or technology, but I thought I would share it with you anyway. Also, before I proceed, you must first get your head out of the gutter and down into the sewer where mine is or else this will just not be that funny.

So anyway, I get my Volcano box, and here is what I see initially:

Tacobell Bigmouth Meal

No big deal right? Just an ordinary box of delicious Tex-Mex ready to be devoured right? Then I look a little closer and I start to snicker a bit:

Dick in a box?

Okay, a little funny, but then mid way through eating my food I see this along the side and I completely loose it!

Dirty Dick in a box?

Seriously Tacobell? Did you have to go there? The entire meal I couldn’t help but think of this Digital Short from SNL:

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