Jul 30, 2009

Drop Entrecards Like Drunken Monkey Part I

I have been using Entrecard for a while. It doesn’t provide server crashing traffic, but it does help one important aspect of marketing which is “Branding.” A lot of SEO’s and bloggers understand some aspects of marketing, but one thing I rarely see talked about is the old fashion art of branding.

Ask yourself, how many times have you seen a product in the store, but didn’t buy it because you had “never heard of it” so you took a few steps to the right and purchased the well known BRAND? You see? It really does work! The idea is to get your name and logo out in as many places as possible to create a recognition for your brand. That is where Entrecard becomes handy. You can place your logo on hundreds of blogs to get your brand out there and in the minds of those surfing the interweb.

Entrecard Dropper The key to Entrecard though is to drop a lot of cards. The more cards you drop, the more credits you earn which in turn can be used to purchase ad space on other blogs. This is where the process gets tedious as a mutha! Manually clicking on Entrecard widgets gets old fast.

I have good news though! I got the idea, and the code to make an Entrecard dropper program to help you drop cards on other blog sides quicker. The idea and code came originally from Alfred over at the TechiePortal.com. Please check out his site and subscribe to his RSS feed. He has lots of great tools and resources there.

My version can be downloaded here: (Bauer-Power Entrecard Dropper)

A lot of people got banned a few months ago for making “Auto dropper” scripts and websites. This utility is NOT an auto dropper! All it does is allows you to open up Entrecard user blogs one site at a time using a hot key (Windows + Z). That’s it! Therefore it doesn’t violate Entrecard Terms of Service.

Full instructions are included in the Readme file.

What Entrecard tools do you use/know of? Do you use Entrecard? What do you think of them getting bought out? Let me know in the comments.

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