Jul 10, 2009

Get More Youtube Views For Free – On The Shady

I have came across tools out there that use proxy lists to artificailly boost your Youtube views. Why would you want that to happen you may ask? The idea is that the more views your video has, the more “popular” it is, and the more real people will see it, and also better Google search results come from the higher views.

Here is a quote from a non-free software company called Tube Increaser that makes a proxy based tool to beef up your views. They say:

YouTube search ranks videos according to how many views a YouTube user has. In other words – the more views you have, the more exposure you will get over the other videos that have the same keywords and content. Another important aspect of video marketing is google search. If your YouTube video views have high views, your google ranking of the specific video will increase!

By having sufficient youtube video views daily, you can now compete with big time YouTube celebrities. This is an important part of creating more exposure for yourself – being able to be seen with high views and highly ranked is one of the key components of becoming successful on YouTube!

Now I am not an expert on Youtube, but that seems like it makes sense. If you know more about Youtube rankings, let us all know if the above is true, or B.S in the comments!

Anyhoo, Tube Increaser sounds cool, but I am all about free so I decided to look for a free alternative to Tube Increaser. That is when I found ViewTubeTrain. It is completely web based, and doesn’t require proxies. It doesn’t require proxies because you are swapping views with others on the internet!

All you have to do is post the Youtube link to your video on their site, then sit back and watch other peoples videos! There is also an option called Automatic train that automatically takes you to the next video when the one you are watching is done. This is where the shadyness comes in. You can turn it on, then mute your sound and minimize your browser and just rack up the points!

I am trying it out right now on my new NinjURL.us commercial I just filmed:

Do you know of other similar Youtube boosting tools? I am interested in both paid and free ones. Post your links in the comments!

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