Jul 7, 2009

Short URL Service… With Ninjas!

I know what you are all probably saying, “Why do we need another shorten URL service?” The answer is simple, you can never have enough! That is a fact!

Besides that, how many of them out there have Ninjas? Not too many! How can you possibly want to post a short URL on Twitter, or Facebook without the help of Ninjas? You wouldn’t!

So what am I really getting at here? I am introducing you to my personal alternative to TinyURL, and it is called NinjURL.us! Use it for all of your small URL needs! Take really long web addresses and turn them into something useful and small!

ninjurl Do you want to make your own TinyURL like service? You can use the free PHP script I used. It is called Broken Script! All you need is a hosting service that supports PHP and MySQL, or build your own LAMP server.

The next time you are posting a long URL on Twitter, a forum, or something like that, why not give NinjURL.us a try?

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