Jul 1, 2009

How To Redirect To Exchange 2007 OWA in IIS 7 and Windows Server 2008

My company just setup our first Exchange 2007 cluster, and are getting ready to migrate our users over from Exchange 2003. Before we do that, we want to make sure everything is working correctly, and almost seamlessly to our users.

With that includes making the access to OWA (Outlook Web Access) in Exchange 2007 idiot proof. By default, there are two things that make idiot proofing difficult. For one, like most companies we set our OWA to require SSL. For two, the URL for OWA is https://servername/owa. No biggie right? Just tell the users to use that URL. Well, that won’t work too well for our users. We want to just tell them to go to “webmail” and have it work.

So here is what we did:

  • In IIS 7, I clicked on the Default Website
  • I clicked on Error Pages
  • I clicked on 403, and selected Edit
  • I clicked on the Respond with a 302 Redirect radio button, and inserted the URL to OWA:


  • Done!

Now our users don’t have to type in HTTP or HTTPS, they can just open up a browser, type the server name/address in and automatically end up in the right place!

Has your company moved to Exchange 2007 yet? Have any problems with the migration? Did it go smoothly? How do you like Exchange 2007? Let me know in the comments!

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