May 27, 2009

Bauer-Power Episode 10

Can you believe it? Sundance and I have finally made it to episode 10! I bet you wished we would have quit after episode 1, but oh no, we kept going!

In this episode we address some criticism and suggestions about our previous episodes, and also try to draw comparisons between all the different episodes up until now. We also show you where you can create your own awesome free soundboards, as well as cool geeky cube figures to spruce up your office. We also try to take you into a typical day at the help desk and finally discuss the removal of the shout feature from Here it is, Episode 10!

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I know in the video we mention not finding a cool video editor, but over the weekend I obtained a copy of Adobe Premier Elements 7. Let me tell you what, this bad boy has all of the ease of use of Windows Movie Maker, but way more power! It has multiple audio and video layers, more special effects and transitions, and is all around a way better video editor. I can't wait until we have a better camera, because that with this new software will make one hell of a show! The only thing we will be missing is decent writing!

So how did you like this episode? Got any more CONSTRUCTIVE suggestions or tips? Hit us up in the comments!

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