May 18, 2009

Bauer-Power Episode 9

That is right! Two in a mutha friggin' row! Sundance and I had such a good experience getting up at the crack of dawn to head on into the office a little early to shoot an episode, we decided to do it again! I am thinking this may turn into a weekly thing :-)

This episode is AWESOME if I do say so myself! In this episode I share with all of you my new Hackintosh! That's right I took my new Dell Mini 9 and installed OSX on it! After we talk about that, Sundance gives us his impressions of Windows 7, then I review "Deadliest Warrior" which is one of the geekiest/coolest shows on television, and finally Sundance tells us where to get free web development programming! Here it is, Episode 9!

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So what did you think? We really do want to hear your thoughts and ideas about the show. What kind of stuff do you want to see? Hit us up in the comments with your feedback!

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