May 13, 2009

Cool Video Converters

I like making videos. No, not those kind of videos you perv! No, I mean random videos. Video of my family, videos for the blog, and just fun videos in general. I like it so much that I set up a second blog just for those random videos here: (My Random Videos)

My video editor of choice? Windows Movie Maker! Why not? It’s free, and built into Windows right? The only problem is that it only accepts certain formats. One of the formats it doesn’t accept is MOV format. Well, my little Kodak Easy Share only records in MOV format. So how am I supposed to edit it with Movie Maker? That is where a good video converter comes in.

My favorite free converters of choice come from Pazera Software. They have almost any type of video converter you would ever need. Here is a list of some of their conversion tools:

Another cool thing about Pazera’s converters is that they do not require installation. They are self running packages, so you could throw them on a USB stick, and take them wherever you need videos converted!

The one I use, obviously, is the MOV to AVI converter so I can edit my videos in Windows Movie Maker. The conversion is quick, and flawless. You can even customize the output settings for resolution, audio, and video encoding, etc. You can even do batches of videos all at once!

In conclusion, if you are looking for a tool to convert your videos from one format to another, check out Pazera’s tools. They are free, they are intuitive and they simply work!

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