May 21, 2009

Possibly The Most Bad Ass Flash Drive EVER

One of my coworkers forwarded me an article from Engadget, that if you drilled down originally came from Nerd Approved talking about possibly the worlds coolest USB thumb drive! You see, this USB flash drive is modeled after the legendary Ravage Decepticon Transformer!

For those of you that don’t speak geek, or 6 year old boy from the 1980’s, Ravage was one of the cassette tapes that used to accompany Soundwave, who could transform into a ghetto blaster. Ravage was one of Soundwave’s many minions of destructions.

From Wikipedia:

The stealthy, shadowy Ravage operates best alone. A creature of the night, Ravage performs most of his actions in the darkness, both literally and figuratively — there are times when he will cloak himself in such shadow and subterfuge that not even his fellow Decepticons know where he is or what he's doing ... but since whatever he's up to is sure to be bad news for the Autobots, they don't really mind. Ravage is aloof, but his craftiness and deadliness mean that his actions command respect from his comrades.

Since Casette tapes are so far out of date, the more modern versions would most likely be a USB thumb drive! That is exactly what BigBadToyStore did! They turned Ravage into a firggin’ USB flash drive! Check it out!


This thumb drive is not available until September, but you can pre-order it now for $42.99!

If I had one I would promptly encrypt it with Truecrypt. Something that badass is just screaming to be made into a hacker thumb drive! By the way, if you haven't checked out the recent Transformers films directed by Michael Bay, you are truly missing out on some awesome Autobot v.s. Decepticon action on the big screen.

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