May 7, 2009

Cost Effective Offsite Backup For Home

After my episode with Acer a few weeks back, I decided I should have a better backup strategy for home. I mean, I did have stuff saved in other places, so there wasn’t too much data I lost in that, but a better, offsite strategy for home became apparent.

One of the senior Systems Engineers at my company suggested a product to me that he had been using at home for a few years that gave him unlimited offsite storage for only $4.95 per month. I decided I needed to check that out.

The service is called Mozy. You may have heard of it. They have two products that they offer. One for home users, and one for business. For business use, you of course will have to pay quite a bit more, but for home users this is still probably one of the cheapest you will find.

Mozy For it to work, you have to download their client and install it on your workstation. You select the files and directories you want backed up, you decide the type of encryption to use (Blowfish or AES) and you configure your backup schedule.

Once configured everything works in the background, and your stuff is securely backed up off site to your cloud storage. Now if your house burns down… or an evil computer company wipes your drive to fix a motherboard issue, you have nothing to worry about.

I have been using it for a while now, and so far it seems pretty cool. One draw back I have found is that the initial backup takes forever! I am backing up nearly 300GB of data, and it has been going for a few weeks.

My co-worker said that is normal for Mozy, and after the initial backup all other backups are quick as they essentially only copy changes after that. I have pre-paid for a year, so I will see how it goes. If you decide to buy them do a Google search for Mozy Coupons. I did, and I saved 20% at checkout.

This isn’t a paid review, so if you know of a better service than Mozy I am all ears. Better still, if you know of a free service with plenty of storage and automated backups that would be the best! Hit me up in the comments.

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