Aug 1, 2008

Pandora Recovery - Recover files even after formatting

Here's the story. I was installing Vista the other day and was just fed up with all the issues I had been having with it so I went to format my hard drive to get a good clean install.

The worst possible thing that could happen, happened. I formatted my backup drive. 625 GB of data, gone with one quick flick of finger. I thought all was lost. I mean after deleting the partition and reformatting the drive, it was only a quick format but still.

I installed XP and gave up on Vista. I tried to find some good recovery software that could at least get some things back. I came across Pandora Recovery. They sell their recovery software installed on a flash drive and they offer their software as FREEWARE. Not shareware or crapware. It really worked.

I did a deep scan on my hard drive and it found over 9,000 files. MP3, jpg, avi, doc, ect... Oh and if you have a hard time finding the download link, it's up in the top right of the page. I know it took me a little while to find it.

By: Sundance of Free Tv Shows Online

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