Aug 25, 2008

CD's are the new 1.44MB floppy

Sorry I haven't been writing too much lately, I have just been bogged down with stuff at work, and getting ready for my upcoming trip to Atlanta Georgia to set up a new IP phone system. (Can you say 90% humidity? YUCK!)

Anyway, while on hold with one of my vendors I decided to flip around Stumbleupon a little bit when I found this comic from about how CD ROMs are obsolete now, and got a kick out of it. I thought you might like it as well, so without further ado, here is the comic from Real Life.

CD is obsolete

Click To Enlarge

How do you feel about the debate? Do you still burn CD's or do you pretty much stick to thumb drives and DVD's? I for one still find myself using CD's every once in a while for burning Linux ISO's and such. If you still use CD's, how are you using them? Hit me up in the comments.

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