Aug 14, 2008

Fighting Antivirus XP/2008/2009: PART II

Just a quick update to the post I did on removing the various versions Antivirus XP/2008/2009. This malware is pretty nasty. In fact my buddy Karl over at Ask The Admin wrote a post about it as well here (aTa Fights Antivirus 2009).

Anyway, I was in my advanced network security class at school last night, and one of my classmates who works at Geek Squad mentioned to the class one of his run-ins with the variant on a home users machine.

He said that the user actually went to the website Antivirus 2009 took her to, and she put in her credit card number and information as requested. Well after she did she received an email saying her credit card information wasn't valid and to try a different credit card. So she did and like clock work she received another email saying that credit card was not valid and so on. You know what that sounds like don't you boys and girls? That's right, a good ol' fashioned phishing scam operation!

Of course my classmate recommended to the user to cancel her cards right away. I'm not sure if she did or not, but if she didn't I am sure she will wish she did!

I just thought this was a nice little tidbit you might want to know, and to pass around to your fellow IT team members.

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