Aug 20, 2008

Free Alternative to OneNote

After a little searching and trying a few products I have come to the conclusion that the best Free alternative to Microsoft's OneNote is Evernote. I've used OneNote at home for a long time so getting used to the change was a little difficult but well worth it. I now no longer use OneNote at home and have used Evernote exclusively. It is quite a bit different than OneNote and does not have exactly all the same features, but it does have features that OneNote does not have. Evernote can be installed on a vast variety of devices and can be accessed via the web.

evernote, alternative to Microsoft OneNote

You can create multiple notebooks like in OneNote but they are not in tabs nor are the color coded. Some other features of the notebooks is you can select which notebooks you want to sync with the web and which ones you don't. You can also use Evernote to publish your notes on the web. So say you're taking an online class and want to make your notes easily available to everyone you can just go into your notebook options and publish it with any title you want. Then it's instantly available to everyone.

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