Aug 23, 2008

Can you help me see through one window to a document below?

I can’t give you X-Ray vision.

But I can help you to see through one window to another.

No we are not talking about real life glass windows (that would be stupid wouldn’t it?) - We ARE talking about a Microsoft Window’s, Window.

(Ok now I am confusing myself!)

If you are like us then you are constantly checking documents and switching between windows.

You need to see your data and write your articles in separate windows, Now wouldn’t it be peachy keen if you could see through your browser’s window - even just a little? That way I could have an Word document or an Excel sheet open behind an editor window and just keep on type, type, typing away.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if it was free and worked on most Windows machines? Well it is and it does! Glass2k is free and works on Windows 2000, XP and Vista!

Check it out: Glass2k from Chime Software. The project is dead but the software works and does just what I need it to.It allows me to set transparency for any window and the task bar. Run it and right click on your windows Title bar and choose your transparency in increments of 10%.

From their website:

Q) How to use Glass2k ?
A) Once the program is running and the icon is shown in the system-tray (near the clock), you can press the following key comibations:

  • Control + Shift + 9 : Least transparency
  • Control + Shift + 8 : A little more transparency
  • Control + Shift + . : …
  • Control + Shift + . : …
  • Control + Shift + 2 : Very high transparency
  • Control + Shift + 1 : Maximum transparency
  • Control + Shift + 0 : No transparency / Solid

You can also right-click on any window and select the transparency values from the Glass2k Transparency-popup menu.

Q) When will the final version be ready ?
A) We are doing our best to release it by the end of December 2001. :)

Cool app and at a price we like - Free. Any one else have another way to make stuff transparent in Windows? [Chime Software]

Originally posted on Ask The Admin By Karl Gechlik

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