Aug 19, 2008

Make a copy of your house key in a pinch

So here I am this morning stumbling away, bored out of my mind when I come accross a new video site I am pretty sure I hadn't seen before. So I start poking around looking for a good video to share with you. I came across one I think you guys might like, which looks like it was originally ripped off from Metacafe (But that is neither here nor there).

Anyway, so on this video a guy makes a copy of a key out of a soda can! I am not quite sure this will work as good as it is demonstrated as the aluminum from the soda can is fairly flimsy, but then again I haven't tried it out myself. I have a crap load of padlocks at my desk (Don't ask) so I might try this little trick out on one of them.

Anyway, without further ado, here is the video. Enjoy!

Have you tried this trick out yourself? Let me know in the comments

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