Mar 6, 2018

How to get more Facebook page likes for free

You wouldn't be able to tell by looking at the Bauer-Power Facebook page that I actually have quite a big following. That's because the Bauer-Power the Tech Blog gets most of its traffic from Google, so I'm not terribly concerned with 'Likes' on Facebook, although I would love for you to follow Bauer-Power if you find this post useful!

I do, on the other hand, have a political Facebook page that I manage called Mainwashed that has a fairly decent following. In the early days of the page, I paid for Facebook advertising to get more followers, but I haven't done that in a few years since Facebook has squashed our reach with their newer algorithms. That being said, I did find a way to get more followers for free, and relatively fast!

This is a feature that I noticed the other day called the Invite. If you have a somewhat popular post with lots of likes and reactions on it, you can click on the link that shows who liked or reacted to your post, you will see a list of folks who either like your page already or ones that don't. For that latter group you will see a button to Invite them to like your page!

When you invite them, they will receive an invite from the page itself, not your personal account. It's pretty slick!

Doing this manually is kind of a daunting task though, and that's where this post will be handy for you! I found a Google Chrome plugin that will take care of this process for you for free! It can Invite up to 490 people per day too (Facebook's limitation, not theirs).

It's called Facebook Like Inviter! From the Chrome Web Store:
Invite everyone who liked your post to like your Facebook page in just one click! | FREE, NO ADS, NO registration. 
Do you want to invite everyone who liked your post to like also your fan/business FACEBOOK page? Use this extension to save a lot of your time! 
Here is a screenshot of it working it's magic on one of my Mainwashed posts:

Be sure to not try to go over the 490 invite limit in a day. I did that when I first tried this, and Facebook blocked for a full week! LOL!

Anyway, using this tool seems to be working quite well, and I'm starting to see the number of my followers grow again!

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