Mar 14, 2018

Free Open Source Fork of Citrix XenServer?

The other day I wrote about where you can download older versions of Citrix XenServer since they removed a lot of features from their free version in 7.3, and then removed access to older version to force people to upgrade... Dick move right?

Well, apparently I'm not the only person pissed off by this. A whole group of developers decided to launch a new project called XCP-ng or Xen Cloud Platform Next Generation! Their goal? To provide a community driven version of Citrix's  XenServer that, unlike the original open source Xen Project, will look and feel the same as Citrix's version, along with the ease of use.... At least that's what it looks like to me.

Check out their video:

Their project page actually lists the following as their goal:
The main goal is to be able to enjoy Xenserver power (XAPI/features) with a real community backed solution (not “one company dependent”). So it should be:
  • 99.99% compatible with XenServer (as possible): ie being able to transfer VMs from XS to XCP-ng and vice-versa
  • 99.99% compatible with Open Source management solutions (like Xen Orchestra)
  • A well-documented build process, such that the product can be built by anyone from source.
  • Builds that are completely independent of any Citrix/XenServer binary (RPM) repositories.
Their initial prototype is anticipated in Q1 of 2018, which is almost over. Will they make it? Only time will tell I suppose. If they do make it, and it works well, this could prove to be the perfect alternative to Citrix's forced upgrade tactics thus far.

What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments!

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