Dec 4, 2017

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai basically tells net neutrality supporters they can eat a bag of dicks

FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai (Asshole)
OK, to be perfectly honest, the title of this blog post is not an exact quote. FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai did not actually tell net neutrality supporters that they can eat a bag of dicks, but he might as well have.

According to our last blog post, 28 senators were asking the FCC to delay their vote on repealing net neutrality regulations implemented by the Obama administration. Well, Ajit Pai said they will not be delaying the vote, and also said net neutrality supporters are "desperate".

Via Ars Technica:
The Federal Communications Commission will move ahead with its vote to kill net neutrality rules next week despite an unresolved court case that could strip away even more consumer protections. 
FCC Chairman Ajit Pai says that net neutrality rules aren't needed because the Federal Trade Commission can protect consumers from broadband providers. But a pending court case involving AT&T could strip the FTC of its regulatory authority over AT&T and similar ISPs. 
A few dozen consumer advocacy groups and the City of New York urged Pai to delay the net neutrality-killing vote in a letter today. If the FCC eliminates its rules and the court case goes AT&T's way, there would be a "'regulatory gap' that would leave consumers utterly unprotected," the letter said.
Sorry folks, there will be no delay. Hopefully Pai is right and the FTC can protect consumers from broadband carriers without regulations, but I wouldn't hold my breath!

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