Dec 19, 2017

I've decided to ditch Coinhive

I wrote a little while back that I was going to give Coinhive a shot for monetizing Bauer-Power. I also published a story this morning on how I tested loading Coinhive shortlinks in an invisible iFrame to make it more worth my while.

I actually wrote that post last week (It just published this morning), and after letting it run for a week, I've determined that Coinhive mining from my blog just wasn't profitable. I've ran Coinhive banners since the beginning of the month, and implemented the hidden iFrames last week. Even with that, I've only mined 0.01681 XMR which at the time of this writing is only worth about $6.34. Sorry, I can make better money using other advertising services. In fact, I started using a new one that I will write about this Saturday!

All I can say about this whole experiment is that it was worth a shot! It might be worth while for sites that do a few million page views per month, but unfortunately, Bauer-Power doesn't.

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