Dec 18, 2017

What's a computer? Does Apple think we're really this stupid?

In the above pretentious as fuck advertisement for the iPad Pro with iOS 11, Apple says we may be closer to a PC free world than we think. How do they say it though? They take a nerdy girl, and make her ask "What's a computer?"

I hate Apple, and all Apple products. Mainly because they are all over priced proprietary pieces of shit. I also hate them for this bullshit. Apple must really think people are stupid!

News flash, just because you have an Apple logo on your tablet, does not make it somehow NOT a computer. Everyone knows what a computer is too, and Apple's overpriced hardware is still at the end of the day, just a fucking computer!

Don't pretend that it isn't, and we won't pretend that your shit isn't made for non-tech savvy idiots!


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