Dec 16, 2017

The FCC's regulations on the internet have been killed. Are we "feeballing" again? #NetNeutrality

I have been a pretty big proponent of actual Net Neutrality. By that I mean that I feel that governments and ISP's should leave the Internet the hell alone! The Internet is the ultimate experiment in human freedom, and the sharing of limitless information is incredibly valuable.

So like many people, I have fallen in with those on "the left" when it started to become apparent that the FCC was going to repeal Obama era regulations to "protect the Internet". However, the following from Reason TV has started making think that this recent action from the FCC might not be as bad as I had thought.

Via Reason TV:
Progressives are freaking out now that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is beginning the repeal of Net Neutrality regulations, which give the government the right to regulate Internet Service Providers (ISPs). 
The main arguments in favor of Net Neutrality are really arguments guarding against hypotheticals: that ISPs could otherwise block and censor content (they never have) or that they'll run their operations like shakedowns, requiring content providers to pay up or slow their traffic to molasses. The main documented instance of an ISP favoring one content provider over others wasn't sinister collusion. Metro PCS offered unlimited YouTube in a budget data plan but not unlimited Hulu and Netflix, because YouTube had a compression system that could be adapted to the carrier's low-bandwidth network. In a different context, critics might have applauded Metro PCS, since bought by T-Mobile, for bringing more options to lower-income customers. 
Net Neutrality is a proxy battle over what type of internet we want to have—one characterized by technocratic regulations or one based on innovation and emergent order. Progessives are generally suspicious of complex systems existing without powerful regulators present and accounted for. Small-government folks are repulsed by bureaucrats in general, and think the internet will fair better in a state of benign neglect. The FCC has come down on the side of an organic internet, instead of treating the internet more like a public utility. 
We don't know how the internet is going to evolve over time, but neither do the government administrators trying to rein it in. But given the record of free-market innovation vs. government-regulated services, the odds are with market forces and entrepreneurs.
If the above isn't doing it for you, their video does the best job in my opinion:

After watching the video above, has it changed your mind about Net Neutrality? I mean, we really want to keep the creepy government's fingers out of it don't we?

Let us know what you think about this either way in the comments!

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