Feb 2, 2012

Zombies vs Supermodels

Have you ever watched one of those super model contest shows like America's Next Top Model, or Make Me A Supermodel? No? Errr... Me neither. Ok, but you have seen stock footage of emaciated models walking down a runway during a fashion show right? How many times have you said outlout, "Give that girl a sandwich!"? Oh, am I the only one? Anyway, a lot of these girls look like walking skeletons!

What does this have to do with geekiness or technology? I'm sure you're asking yourself this right about now. Let me tell you, I found a funny picture on the Internet the other day that does a side by side comparison of a supermodel vs a zombie! Zombies are friggin' awesome, and thus this post does very well belong here. Why wouldn't you compare a walking skeleton to a zombie? Check it out!

Zombie vs Supermodels

[Via Minutebuzz]

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