Feb 13, 2012

Shit Computer Illiterate People Say

Having been in the IT field for a while, I have seen a bunch of different types of users. The worst in my opinion are the ones who are absolutley computer illiterate. I mean, sometimes I wonder how these people even have an office job where the use of computers is an absolute necessity! I mean, they can't do the simplest of tasks like reboot a computer! How do you even work here?

Just about every company has them. I even wrote about it once when I talked about 12 o'clock flashers in the work place. Well, another group of guys decided to play on this type of idiocracy in the work place, and combine it with the "Shit Girls Say" phenomenon. Check out Shit Computer Illiterate People Say:

How many people in your company say the stuff in the video? Did you like it? If you liked this video, check back for the video I'm posting then which pokes a little fun at IT Security guys to, you know, keep things even.

Special thanks to @Viss for posting it on Facebook :-)

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