Feb 6, 2012

How Hackers Get In [Infographic]

I recently took over the role of Security Officer for my company. One of the reasons I was awarded the role was because of my Bachelor of Science degree in Network Security. Now with that degree I certainly don't consider myself a hacker, nor would I ever venture to say I know all there is to know about network security, but I am versed in the basics and concepts of many security threats businesses face in these times.

I mean look at the news. It would almost seem that security breaches are happening even more frequently do to "hacktavist" groups like Anonymous. If your company takes a political stand that goes against the groups beliefs, you better believe they will come after you. So what should you look out for? Here is an interesting infographic I found that talks about the main ways hackers "get in." Check it out!

Hackers: How They Get In, How They Got In
[Via: Wikibon]

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