Feb 7, 2012

Enhance Your Google Kung-Fu [Infographic]

I'm glad I found this infographic. It comes on the heels of one of my coworkers asking me about certain Google search functions to help make searching easier, and to help find more relavent data to what one is looking for. She is writing up some training material to help her train her research team to gather more information on the web from search engines like Google.

She is certainly not the only one who can benefit from something like this though. In fact, I would venture to say that this is a valuable skill for IT professionals as well. I mean Google is probably the most common uncredited company tech support's knowlege base than any other knowlege base application. If you can't Google your way out of a problem in IT, you won't last long. 

Check out this really great infographic that gives you tips on how to enhance your Google searching skills!

Get more out of Google
[Via HackCollege]


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