Feb 3, 2012

My Biggest Weakness in IT? I'm A Tinkerer!

A few months ago I wrote about one of my biggest weaknesses in IT is networking. I mean I am Network+ certified, and I can subnet, and do a basic configuration of a switch with VLANs and such, but it's not really my strongest skill. I am more of a systems guy. I am more proficient in servers, software, active directory domains, etc. Even though networking is my weakness, I don't think it's my greatest weakness. 

No, my greatest weakness is that I am a tinkerer. What I mean by that is that I have a serious problem of leaving well enough alone when it comes to servers and networking. I often find myself in a position where I see something, and get it in my head that although it is working fine, I can make it better if I only do (fill in the blank). That more times than I like has come to bite me in the ass.

I don't know too many IT guys that will readily admit their weaknesses. Most of the IT guys I know have really big egos, and it's hard for them to admit when they are wrong. I think knowing one's weaknesses is the only way you can better yourself by getting stronger in the areas where you are weakest, and eventually not have said weakness any more.

epic fail

What I resolve to do to squash this bug is to not attempt any fixes or improvements, especially if everything is running fine without it. If it's not running fine, then I really need to work on my patience to fix things, and wait for a better time to do my tinkering during a maintenance windows or something.

What do you think? What's your biggest weakness in IT? Lets hear about it in the comments, along with what you are trying to do to get rid of your weaknesses.

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