Feb 9, 2012

Which is Better? PHP, Ruby or Python? [Infographic]

I guess this is the week of infographics here at Bauer-Power. That is mainly because I am preparing for yet another colocation facility move at my day job. This will be the third colocation move I have been involved with since being in IT, and let me tell you it is rather stressful. There are a lot of things riding on systems at one's data center, and there are a lot of potential hazards if you don't prepare the move down to the most minute detail.

Today's infographic aims to compair three of today's modern open source coding platforms, PHP, Ruby and Python. All of which are used in web applications. Some of the biggest websites use these languages including Facebook (PHP), Twitter (Ruby), and Youtube (Python). Which one is the best though? That's up to you, but hopefully this infographic comparison can help you decide which one you like the best.

programming languages, infographic
[Via Udemy]

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