Oct 7, 2011

How To Get a High-Paying Tech Job - Infographic

Through writing for Bauer-Power over the last few years, and doing my Tech Chop podcast. Hell, even when I was a teacher at Coleman University, I got a lot of questions about how someone can break into the technology business. I mean you see it on TV with the ITT Tech commercials about how once you learn how to program computers, fix computers, or network computers that all your dreams will come true, and you will make a lot of money. Well the truth is, that you can make good money in technology!
I found this infographic while surfing around on Digg that shows you how to get a job in Tech:

Tech Job

Now the one thing I disagree on is the stuff about having your MBA. You don't need an MBA to make good money in Tech. Honestly, you don't even need a college degree. It does help though in my opinion to get your foot in the doors for interviews, but it's what you know in the interview that will get you the job. Not the degree.
Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments.

[Via Mastersdegree.net]
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