Oct 12, 2011

More Shady and Automated Way To Increase Youtube Views

Yesterday I wrote about Utube Train which is an online community where you can submit your Youtube videos, and basically trade views with other users in the community. Each video you watch gives you points, and you can then trade those points in for more video views of your stuff. Simple right? Well it's not automated, nor shady enough for some users so I dug around a little more and found one that's a little more black hat for you guys.

This site is called TubeView Trader. This one is interesting in that it requires Google Chrome because the tool itself is a plugin for Google Chrome. Once installed, you can submit your videos, then select how many videos you want to watch and click start. The most you can watch in one sitting is 20, and the least is 5. You can stop the videos at any time. Once you hit start, another tab is opened in Chrome on Youtube, and after each video is played, it automatically refreshes on another video in the queue. You don't have to do anything except sit there and watch! Mmmmm, smells like automation!

Here is a video demonstration of TubeView Trader:

As I mentioned yesterday the reason you would want to artificially increase you Youtube views this way is because the more views you have, the higher ranked your video gets. The higher the rank, the better it shows up in video searches on Youtube and Google which means more exposure for you in the long run.

Know of other view for view trading sites and tools like this? Let us know in the comments.

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