Oct 13, 2011

The Shadiest Fully Automated Free Youtube View Increaser

The last two days I have shared with you some shady places where one can inflate their Youtube views. All of these methods are view trading methods, and none of them use proxies or fake pings to boost views. Each view you get is by someone like you who wants their video views increased. Basically you all trade views for views. Simple right?

Okay, so yesterday I talked about TubeView Trader, which I said was automated, but only let you watch 20 videos at a time. That means that you can set and forget it, but you have to come back to your computer every few minutes to run it again. For some, that may not be shady enough. For you truly shady black hat marketing bastards, I found one you can truly set and forget. Hell, you could probably set this thing on your home PC and go to work letting it run all day racking up points. Just an idea…

This thing will also run in your system tray, so you can let it run with your speakers turned off or something while you work. Yet again, automatically racking up the points. Is it getting cold in hear with all this shade?

This tool is called u2b Views. It does not work in a browser like the previous tools. It is a stand alone application that, as I mentioned before, runs in your system tray when minimized. Also, it requires .Net Framework 4.0 and only works in Windows. Here is a screen shot:


As you can see in the screen shot, not only does this thing play videos, but it also mimics doing a video search on Youtube before pulling up Youtube videos. Sweet damn that is shady! How it works from their page:

Firstly, our system was heavily tested on existing videos before going live, and the results were quite promising. Basically, here's a quick overview on how the credit/view system work :

  • First, you insert your video to u2bviews. Our unique script then checks how many views the video has to start with.
  • You then put in the desired number of credits you want.1 credit = 1 view on YouTube.
  • So for example: If you insert a video which already has 10 views on YouTube, and then you place 10 credits on the video , the video will end up with 20 views on YouTube. (And only when the youtube counter reaches that views [number], it will then be removed from the system).

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Know of any other fully automated tools like this? Are they free like this one? Let us know about the ones you use in the comments.

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