Oct 5, 2011

Co-worker’s First Time Using Ubuntu Linux

At my day job I inherited a collection of a bunch of old computers. A ton of them were Intel Pentium 4 machines without hyper threading. Some were custom built jobs that were in decent working order that I just didn’t want to support, and some were a few years old, still worked okay but mainly didn’t match any hardware standard we had going.

I decided to donate all of these computers, but before I called a local non-profit to haul them away in exchange for a tax deductible receipt, I made these machines available to employees. What a nice thing to do right? Before donating computers though I securely wiped the drives with DBAN. That meant that for one no company info got into the wrong hands, and two I didn’t have to support anyone’s old Windows install. Plus I didn’t have to worry about licensing issues.

For the employees that wanted a machine, but couldn’t afford to buy Windows on their own, I recommended Ubuntu Linux for them. My co-worker Layla in the video was really interested in Ubuntu, especially when I told her it was free and all the software on it is free. Before having her commit though, I had my desktop tech set her up with a laptop so she could take Ubuntu for a test drive. Check it out!

Layla Ouachrif using Ubuntu Linux for the first time

Layla was so surprised about how easy it was to navigate around. She also loved that the free software on it was compatible with the expensive software she’s been using for years like Microsoft Office. She absolutely loved it!

Have you spread the word of Ubuntu? Did the people you showed it too have a similar reaction? Tell us your story in the comments!

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