Oct 10, 2011

The Future is Now! BAE System's Tank With Friggin' Cloaking!

How many of us grew up watching Star Trek on TV with the Klingon's and their space ships that had cloaking devices? What about the Predator movies where the alien hunter runs around killing mofo's while being completely invisible? What about James Bond in Die Another Day and his bad ass Austin Martin that could turn invisable? Think it's all science fiction? Not any more!

BAE Systems has developed a technology they call ADAPTIV which in essence gives the ability to blend in with your background almost just like something you would see in a science fiction flick.

From their page:

Unlike traditional camouflage systems which rely on paint or nets to hide vehicles, ADAPTIV can instantly blend a vehicle into its background. The system can also be used on ships and fixed installations, allowing them to stay undetected by enemy surveillance units.

With the ADAPTIV system installed, a unit has:

  • The ability to blend into natural surroundings
  • The ability to mimic natural objects and other vehicles
  • A significantly reduced detection range
  • IFF capability

Check out this video from Youtube:

Tell me that isn't the most bad ass thing you've seen this year? Let me know what you think about this technology in the comments!

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