Jun 30, 2010

The End Of An Era: No More Geekbrief.tv

This morning I was surfing through Mediafly on my Palm Pre checking out my favorite podcasts, when I stumbled on one that rather shocked me. The podcast was from one of my favorite podcasts because it gives “Shiny happy tech news.” It is called Geekbrief.tv.

The title of it was called, “The Final Episode.” When I saw that I said to myself, “Final Episode? WTF?” So of course I had to watch it. Apparently Geekbrief.tv was having some business differences with their partner Mevio that couldn’t be resolved, so Cali Lewis and the team took the high road, and decided to end the Geekbrief.tv franchise.

I first discovered Geekbrief.tv when I first got my Tivo a few years ago as it was offered as one of the free podcast downloads. That is also where I discovered my favorite Revision3 shows I frequently talk about. Geekbrief.tv has been around since 2005, and I am sure that some of you out there followed the show.

Here is the final episode:

Speaking of Revision3… There is some good news coming out of this. Cali Lewis has moved on to her new home at Revision3 with her new podcast Geekbeat.tv!

Here is the first episode (Teaser):


If you used to subscribe to Geekbrief.tv, you can now subscribe to Geekbeat.tv here: (Geekbeat Subscribe)

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