Jun 7, 2010

Bauer-Power Sticker Strike! Who’s With Me?

Not sure how legal this is, or even how effective it is, but I have decided to begin what I like to refer to as a Bauer-Power sticker strike. I have been toying with this idea for a little while, but never really acted upon it until yesterday afternoon while I was at the Ikea in Mission Valley with my family.

Before I go further about that, and so I can better explain what it is that I am trying to do let me ask you something. Have you ever been driving, and you were in a left turn lane where their was a street sign for oncoming traffic, and the back of it faced you? Now on said street sign, was their not a log of stickers from the local bands? Maybe a Ron Paul sticker or two? Do you see where I am going with this?

bauer-power sticker strike Well, I plan on doing the same band style sticker campaign. For two reasons, one being branding, and two because I have a crap load of Bauer-Power stickers!

Since I have so many stickers, I have put them on all of my laptops, and cars and have given them out to friends and family. The main way I give these out though is through Ubuntu Sticker Requests. That’s right, if you send me a self addressed stamped envelope, besides awesome “Powered by Ubuntu” stickers, you also get some free Bauer-Power stickers as well! Hell, if you don’t want the Ubuntu stickers and just want the Bauer-Power ones, just say so when you mail me your self addressed stamped envelope! I mean, they are free stickers so why not right?

Don’t get me wrong, they look pretty sweet on the back of your car, or laptop… I mean, check it:


So I guess what I am saying is if you would like to help out, you have options. You can request your free Ubuntu stickers, or the Bauer-Power stickers by them selves, then take the Bauer-Power stickers and stick them on your laptop or car. If you don’t want to do that, find your nearest street sign and stick it there!

If you do stick it on a street sign, email me a picture of it to info (at) bauer-power.net!

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for you getting into trouble if you place a Bauer-Power sticker on a street sign. Do so at your own peril.

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