Jul 1, 2010

NEW Bauer-Puntu Linux Commercial

Last night my wife was rather tired from staying up all night the day before with my son who is apparently getting some new teeth, so she went to bed early. I figured, why not go have some fun in the garage and make a quick video. Then I thought it would be good to sort of update my old Bauer-Puntu Linux commercial!

The original one I did using Microsoft Movie Maker, and it is a rather simple video. I think it is still ok, but I specifically mention version 8.10 of Bauer-Puntu, so I figured in the new one I would try to keep it generic so it stays relevant.

The original did fairly well on Youtube with a little over 10,000 views. Sure, it’s not a million, but I aim small when doing short cheesy videos. If you have never seen the original, here it is:



Now, here is my new one!



What do you think? Better? Worse? I can take it! Let me know in the comments!

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