Jun 23, 2010

Bauer-Power Sticker Action Photos!

I have been getting a ton of email lately. Mostly about Bauer-Puntu Linux, and Episode 19. I also think the strong influx of emails has been due to the giant Contact Me link at the top of the blog. If you remember the old layout, I had the contact me link buried in the lower right of the blog, and nobody ever used it… Hmmmm…

Anyhoo, I got an email the other day from a young man by the name of Tommy Bobrowitz of Waterford Pennsylvania. Apparently young Tommy had Bauer-Puntu installed on his laptop, and was doing some wireless pentesting using Grim Wepa. (All legal I am sure :-P) After he was done cracking wireless access points, he wanted to know where Grim Wepa stored the passwords. Here is his original email:

hey i got bauer-puntu on my laptop and am cracking my home wep just for fun...i did a fragmentation attack and got like over 400k #data really fast...so i went and cracked it and i cant seem to find were the password was stored, thank you for your time please get back to me as soon as possible, and over all i have loved this os great job in making it.

First of all, I was rather impressed by this guys ability to crack his wireless so quickly. Second, I was flattered to know he wasn’t just using Bauer-Puntu as a live USB/DVD, but actually had it installed on his laptop! How cool is that? I decided to send Mr. Bobrowitz some Bauer-Power stickers to go with his Bauer-Puntu laptop. He took the stickers, and put them not only on the front and back of his laptop, but also scanned one of them, and created a third sticker for his desktop computer! Check it out:

Bauer-Puntu Linux 1Bauer-Puntu Linux 2Bauer-Puntu Linux 3

If you want to pimp out your computer(s) with some free Bauer-Power stickers, use the contact me form and tell me about your Bauer-Puntu setup! If you have Bauer-Puntu installed as your main operating system, or in a dual boot setup I will send you some! Just include your mailing address in the email!

Already have some Bauer-Power stickers? Email me your action shots and I will put them up here on Bauer-Power! Just send the pictures to info (at) bauer-power.net!

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