Jun 1, 2010

At the lead of Big Brother 2.0 is Narus

What I mean by Big Brother 2.0 is the Internet and total electronic surveillance grid. Why is Narus at the top of it? That’s because they make mass surveillance systems and are the creators of NarusInsight which is a supercomputer system that was used by the NSA and other corporations. Their supercomputers can analyze data in real-time. That means it can pick up your emails, voip conversations, IM’s, ect… all in real-time as you’re sending them.

To try to better wrap your head around how massive their systems can be. They can analyze extract and put back together a conversation at a rate of 10 GB per second. They can also due to most Internet connections are limited they can monitor millions of connections at a time.

Here is a general video with a little more of the technical info of what the Narus Systems can do. Where they state that many governments and service providers use their systems for cyber protection. Much like AT&T did in 2006 but also used that system to give the government all the info they wanted on their users.

According to Narus’s Website their customers span one third of the world’s largest carriers. This also includes Mobile networks.

How can you get around these Narus systems? Well, the first thing you can do is try to get all your friends to switch to encrypted IM and Email simply by using PGP. There is an extremely easy plugin for Pidgin and Thunderbird. You can also switch to using encrypted services online. Like HTTPS Gmail or StartPage for internet search. This helps because Narus just throws aside encrypted data so it can keep up it's speed.


By: FreedomChicken

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