May 31, 2010

Episode 22 - Hacking Wireless Using Grim Wepa

Happy Memorial Day everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the long weekend. I also hope that you all have taken a moment to think about those who have fallen in the defense of this great country of ours! As a Navy veteran I can tell you first hand that it is not easy being in the military and being far away from home while defending the freedoms of the people you left behind. I couldn't imagine what it is like for those left behind who have had their loved one die in combat. Today is about remembering the ones who have died, and their families left to carry on.

With that said, today is a great memorial Day because Episode 22 released today! In this episode I show you how to hack WEP encrypted wireless access points using a GUI program in Linux called Grim Wepa. For this demo I setup an access point using WEP, and a password that I have actually seen being used in the work place. Now you must be asking why I am showing this? Everyone has seen WEP being cracked. Well, you don't often see it cracked using a GUI in Linux. Not to mention this tool will let you crack WPA as well, although it is a little more difficult. Grim Wepa is pretty easy to install yourself, however it is already included in Bauer-Puntu Linux 10.04! Without further ado, here is Episode 22!

Thanks for watching! I want to apologize about the audio in the beginning. I thought my mic was turned on, but it wasn't so I had to use the camera mic. The last part everything was fine though. I would have gone back and re-filmed, but I didn't have the time. Either way, I hope you learned something from it, and if you haven't yet, perhaps you will try out Bauer-Puntu!

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, hit me up in the comments!

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